9:30am - Grow Groups

11am - Wonder Worship

1st-2nd Grade

9:30am - Grow Groups

11am - Blast Worship

3rd-4th Grade

9:30am - Blast Worship

11am - Grow Groups

5th Grade 

9:30am - 412 Worship

11am - Grow Groups

Wonder Worship: Wonder Worship is a fun worship experience for kindergarten boys and girls. Children will learn how to worship God through music, Bible lessons, crafts, and games.

Wonder Worship happens @ Kindergarten: 11:00 AM

4:12 Preteen Worship is a worship experience for 5th graders that meets them where they are spiritually. 4:12 helps preteens understand why the Bible is important to them as 10 & 11 year olds and what the Bible has to do with their 5th grade world. It is an awesome time of playing games, building relationships, digging into scripture, praising God, praying together and more! All 5th graders are welcome to join us every Sunday at 9:30am in room CH 220.

Each Sunday morning, BLAST teaches true, authentic, biblical worship through relevant Bible stories, interactive games and high energy worship led by our Blast praise team. Children (Kindergarten - 5th grade) are taught that worship is about God and may include elements of praise, tribute, thankfulness, adoration, devotion and love for Him. BLAST creates an environment where kids have so much fun learning about how awesome God is that they don’t want to miss a single week.

B - Believe and receive: To understand that Jesus is who the Bible says He is and to make a decision to make Him their forever friend

L - Learn to discern: To use God’s word to make wise choices

A - Adore Him more: To worship God passionately

S - Serve without reserve: To look beyond their needs and to look for ways to meet the needs of others

T - Troop with God’s group: To experience a sense of community and belonging with their church family

The DEN (Children’s Worship): We want worship to be a positive experience for children. Worship is a vital part of the Christian life. In The DEN, we want to teach children how to worship God through music, games, the Big Bible Story, and relevant object lessons. Each month has a fun theme that will engage your children while teaching them the Big Bible Story.

The DEN happens @

Third- Fifth Grade: 9:30 AM

First- Second Grade: 11:00 AM

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