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Sports and Recreation Ministry

The Bear Creek Church's Sports and Recreation Ministry's first priority is to teach about Jesus Christ. We also strive to teach the fundamentals of our sports. We hope that everyone touched by our ministry has fun, develops friendships, learns skills and sportsmanship but more importantly, experiences the love of Jesus Christ. We want to make an impact in our community in everything we do!

What is it all about?

The Bear Creek Church Sports and Recreation Ministry is designed to help families find balance in their busy lives through sports and fitness. We seek to introduce kids, students and adults to a relationship with Jesus Christ and for them to put their faith and belief in Him to be their Lord and Savior. We want to help advance every athlete to have a better knowledge of the sport or fitness activity they participate in. We want them to learn the game and find tools to help them be the best they can be by providing resources such as training videos, recipes, nutrition facts, physical workouts and stretching exercises as well as personal devotions to discover who God is and how He can be more personal in their lives. We want our players to be able to ask questions and have knowledgeable coaches and staff who can provide answers for them. We want them asking “what’s next?” Whether that be the next sport or next step in their process of being better. We desire for every child, youth, student or adult to be able to compete at the highest level. We pride ourselves in training our coaches and providing the necessary resources to help them teach and train the kids/players on how to face adversity and overcome defeat as well as how to have great sportsmanship. We want to develop their character, so that it is a reflections of Jesus! We want to see all of our players regardless of age setting goals for themselves and being good examples to the fans and other players. Our kids/youth and adult sports are designed for everyone of every level. We also provide sports camps during the summer for children and youth to help focus even more intentionally the fundamentals and basics of the game that will help them instill a deeper passion for their sport. No matter if its basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, tennis, tae quan do, golf or whatever we see every child and student as an opportunity to share our wisdom, knowledge and experience and each one of them are the most important people in our ministry. Come join us and be a part of our Sports Ministry here at Bear Creek Church.


Our sports and recreation programs are administered by Balance Sports and include activities for all age groups: Children, Middle School, High School, and Adults.









Elementary Sports

Middle / High School Sports


Adult Sports


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Sports Interest Questionnaire

We are are reopening our sports and recreation programs! 
Let us know what sports or recreational activities you would join and we'll let you know when those activities are available!

Sports and Recreation Ministry Events

We want to make an impact in our community in everything we do! We hope that everyone has fun, develops friendships, learns skills and sportsmanship but even more importantly,  experiences the love of Jesus Christ. 

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Our Annual Schedule in a glance:

December - February  

  • Balance Sports Elevate Men’s basketball

  • Balance Sports Volleyball (elementary - middle school)

February - May

  • Balance Sports Elementary Soccer

  • Balance Elite Basketball (middle - high school)

March - May

  • Balance Sports Elevate Men’s Softball

  • Men’s Flag Football


  • Balance Sports Volleyball Camp (elementary - high school)

  • Balance Sports Soccer Camp (7-14 yrs of age)

June - August

  • Balance Sports Elevate Co-Ed Whiffle Ball League

  • Balance Sports Elevate Co-Ed Volleyball Open Play


  • Balance Sports Basketball Camp (elementary - high school)

  • Adventure Week skills camp (elementary - high school)

August - November

  • Balance Sports Elementary Basketball

  • Balance Sports Elevate Men’s Softball

  • Co-Ed Adult Soccer


Throughout the year

  • Balance Sports Elevate Co-Ed Adult Volleyball


Upcoming events

  • BS Elementary Flag Football

  • Sand Volleyball

  • 3 on 3 Basketball tournaments

  • Open play Pickle Ball  

Sports and Recreation Ministry Staff

Scott Denton

Sports and Recreation Ministry Pastor

Scott Denton


Tyler Mays

Sports and Recreation Ministry Coordinator

Tyler Mays

Camila Franco

Sports and Recreation Ministry Intern

Camila Franco

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