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As a resource to help capture your insights, questions, prayers, and notes during this study, Bear Creek is giving an ESV Scripture Journal to everyone in our Grow Groups! Pick one up in your group on Sunday; at our drive-thru at the church on Jan 2, 2–4pm; or email adults@bcstaff.org to make other arrangements to receive one. 

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Other Resources

on Ephesians

What would be the most important things to say to some of your dearest friends if you were imprisoned for your faith at the end of your life?


Near the end of the life of the Apostle Paul, he wrote a letter to a church he planted a decade before to remind them of the heart of the gospel and how to live worthy of the calling we have in the gospel. In just six chapters, Paul puts on display the riches of the glory of the grace of the Father, Son, and Spirit and calls us to lives that reflect the love and holiness of God.  He unfolds the astounding mystery of how God has taken those who are excluded, far from him because of sin, and he brings them near in Christ. Ephesians tells us how God transcends every human boundary to make all those who are in Christ one family, God’s very own. It shows how ultimate victory comes in true surrender and submission.


Come join us to be amazed, challenged, and changed as we come to understand more deeply the mystery of the gospel and the difference it makes in all of life.