About our new Children & Family Ministries Pastor:

We are excited to announce Sam Fowler as our new Children and Family Ministries Pastor! Please help us give a warm welcome to Pastor Sam, his wife Heather, son Mason and daughter Sara.


Sam Fowler graduated from the Univ. of Tennessee and received his Master of Div./Christian Edu. from Southeastern Seminary in North Carolina. He has 24 years of experience leading Kid's Ministries in North Carolina, Florida, and Texas. His desire is to empower kids, partner with families, and provide a healthy church culture for every family's journey of faith here at Bear Creek Church.


Meet Pastor Sam Fowler

Sam Fowler family 4.jpg

25 Fun Facts About Pastor Sam!

1) Favorite Food:  Tacos (Every day should be taco Tuesday), but I also love grilled chicken wings and PIZZA!!


2) Favorite Snack:  Chips & Salsa OR Apples

3) Favorite Candy:  French Burnt Peanuts (yeah, I know it's weird!)

4) Favorite Color:  Blue

5) Favorite Sport:  Ice Hockey

6) Favorite Place to Vacation:  Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee

7) Farthest Country I've visited: South Korea

8) Favorite Thing to Do in Houston:  Go Downtown!  There's so much to explore and we love taking the Train!

9) Funny Thing About Me:  I like to make funny videos & songs with my kids and for my kids!


10) Favorite Quote:  "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long.  We KEEP MOVING FORWARD, opening new doors and doing new things, because we 're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."  Walt Disney

11) Favorite Verse:  Ephesians 2:10


12) Favorite Book of Bible:  James

13) Favorite Music: 80's Rock

14) Favorite Superhero: Superman

15) Favorite Supernatural Hero:  Jesus!  Duh!

16) What is my purpose?  To be a positive, Christlike influence to everyone I meet, no matter the circumstance!

17) Favorite People:  My wife Heather & my two AWESOME KIDS, Mason & Sara

18) Favorite Drink:  Mello Yello

19) Odd Things I Taught Myself:  Stilt walking & Balloon Animals

20) Favorite Movie:  Star Wars:  A New Hope


21) Favorite Disney Character:  Goofy

22) Favorite Toy as a kid:  Legos (I still "play" with them!)

23) Number of Instruments I can play:   0.  I've tried piano, guitar, ukulele & drums.  But no real talent here.

24) Three Things I ABSOLUTELY love doing:  Watching movies, reading adventure books, having adventures with my family!


25) My kids' describe me as:  Sara - "really funny & awesome!"  Mason - "I don't know.  I love you dad."