Frequently Asked Questions
about the Freedom Plan

How much property would we sell and for how much? 

We propose the sale of 12 acres of property behind the church for $1.25 million to a local home developer. 

How will the land be used? 

A local home developer plans to expand the existing subdivision by adding approximately 50 new homes. The estimated cost of these homes in current market conditions is $225,000 - $285,000. 

Will there be a fence separating the property? 

Yes, the home developer will construct a fence along the property line. The fence will be owned and maintained by the homeowners to avoid increasing the church’s maintenance budget. 

The church may elect to beautify and improve the separation of properties with landscaping and trees. 

How much property will we retain? 

In total, we will retain 24 acres for our campus and facilities.

How will this impact Sports/Rec Ministry? 

Five acres of our property will be redeveloped for outdoor field sports. Scott Denton, Sports Ministry Pastor, is excited about the future plans and eager to see how it helps us enjoy recreation as a church while also reaching our community. 

What will we do with the money from the property sale? 

We will designate $1 million to The Freedom Plan for the purpose of reducing the church’s debt over the next five years. Up to $250,000 may be reserved for expenses related to improving our current property including the development of our sports and recreation fields. 

Will we still have the ability to grow in the future? 

Yes, we still have plenty of property and space to grow in our current location for years to come. We consulted with our original architect and determined that our current property and facilities allow for additional expansion. Our facilities could easily expand from a worship space capacity of 1,500 (current) to 2,500 (future) at a single hour. 

When and how will we vote? 

We will vote on Sunday, October 18, during the morning services. Voting eligibility extends to Bear Creek members who have completed our membership process. Church members will receive a link to approve this recommendation and submit their ballots by text.