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Living with Hope in a Broken World

A Study in 1 Peter


In the shadow of COVID-19, almost everything that seemed certain three months ago doesn’t feel certain anymore. In the midst of changes and challenges, how is it even possible to have hope? What is unshakable enough that we can put our confidence in it?


The Apostle Peter wrote to believers who were far more familiar with suffering and uncertainty than we are — and yet they still needed encouragement and help to find hope in the midst of a broken world. But Peter had found just the hope they were looking for so he knew where they could find it and how they could keep it—and even how their hope could help others to find the hope that they need, too.


Join a Bear Creek Grow Group as we begin a six-week study to learn what 1 Peter teaches us about living with hope in a broken world.


On-Campus Grow Group

Sundays at 10:40am

Starting June 21

While our Grow Groups will continue to gather on Zoom this summer, we will also have a new group available on campus on Sundays at 10:40am (immediately after the 9:30 service). This group will begin on June 21. Attendance is by registration only and will require following all of the same public health protocols as our worship services (e.g., masks required in order to care for our neighbors, physically distanced seating, etc.). We will also provide age-appropriate discipleship ministry during Bible study for the preschool and elementary-aged kids of all those who register. ​(NOTE: This ministry will only be available during the Grow Group hour and not during the worship service at this time.) 


To register for this Grow Group and for childcare, please click the button below. Complete one registration (click "Save and add another person" to register a second adult in your household), but list each person and child who plans to attend. We will contact you about what room to go to for this group once your group assignment has been made. (NOTE: To ensure that we are prepared to receive all the adults and kids who will participate, we will close registration for these groups each Saturday at 5pm and re-open each Sunday after the groups are completed.) 


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STRENGTH & DIGNITY | for single women in their 20s & 30s | SUNDAY Evenings


THE CREEK PARENTS | for parents of teenagers | SUNDAYS at 7:00pm

GRACE-FULL PARENTING | for couples in their 30s & 40s | SUNDAYS at 7:00pm


SECOND HALF | for adults at the mid-point of life | SUNDAYS at 1:00pm


BIBLE FOR LIFE | for adults over 40 | SUNDAYS at 1:00pm

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LIFE APPLICATION | for adults over 50 | SUNDAYS at 2:00pm

EMPTY NESTERS | for adults in their 50s & 60s | SUNDAYS at 9:30am


FAITH & LIFE | for all adults | SUNDAYS at 11:30am

THE QUEST | for all adults | SUNDAYS at 9:30am

ONE MORE DAY | for all adults | SUNDAY Evenings


COUNTERCULTURAL | for all men | SUNDAYS at 11:00am


SISTERS IN CHRIST | for all women | SUNDAYS at 11:00am
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