GROW GROUPS are small communities that seek to stimulate growth in our discipleship to the Lord Jesus as we become people who love God and love others with all that we are. A Grow Group is:

...a place of connection where we can see God and develop close, supportive friendships with others who follow Jesus.
...a place of transformation where we can study the Bible carefully in conversation with others who want to understand all it says about who God is and what that means for how we live our lives.
...a place of mission where we can think creatively and work cooperatively to live out the good news of God’s love in the world.

The Gospel Project Chronological - The Book of Acts


The death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ proclaimed in the Gospels is the climax of human history—but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the story. Jesus continues to rule and redeem our world through the power of his Holy Spirit at work in the lives of his people and the ministry of his church as they bear witness to Jesus until all peoples have heard—even to the ends of the earth. 

The Book of Acts tells this continuing story of Jesus’ salvation and helps us envision what the everyday lives of everyday followers of Jesus look like. Come learn and find your part in the story in one of our Grow Groups this Spring!




COMMITTED | for couples in their 20s & 30s | Room: ED102

EMPTY NESTERS | for adults in their 50s & 60s | Room: ED106

FAITH, HOPE & LOVE | for senior adults | Room: ED111

LADIES - GASKINS | for women over 50 | Room: ED101

LIFE APPLICATION | for adults over 50 | Room: R101

ONE MORE DAY | for all adults | Room: ED108/110

THE CREEK PARENTS | for parents of teenagers | Room: ED103

THE QUEST | for all adults | Room: ED104




*NEW: SECOND HALF | For adults at the mid-point of life | Room: ED 103

BIBLE FOR LIFE | for adults over 40 | Room: ED104

COUNTERCULTURAL | for all men | Room: ED106

FAITH & LIFE | for all adults | Room: ED108/110

FIRST 5 | for those entering adulthood (18-23) | Room: ED105

GRACE-FULL PARENTING | for couples in their 30s & 40s | Room: ED107/109

ROOTED | for couples in their 20s & 30s | Room: ED111

SINGLE MOMS | for all ages | Room: ED101

SISTERS IN CHRIST | for all women | Room: ED112

STRENGTH & DIGNITY | for single women in their 20s & 30s | Room:  ED102

Second Half Grow Group: For adults at the mid-point of life



Just because we hit life's halfway point doesn't mean we should coast to the finish. Our new Second Half Grow Group is for those who are a little less young, but not ready to retire from following the Lord wholeheartedly. 

Second Half is about learning God's Word, experiencing Christ-centered fellowship, and actively serving the Lord. Our motto is “my life for his mission.” The goal is to fully participate in the adventure that God calls us to regardless of our age. We will be addressing topics and issues that are relevant to our season of life from God's perspective.  

Come join us as we seek to learn actively from God's Word about this season of life, grow together in fellowship, and serve others meaningfully.




DESAFIO LATINO | para todos las personas | Room: ED107/109

MUJER LATINA | para todas las mujeres | Room: ED105




A group for all adults to experience what will be taught in our Sunday morning Grow Groups the following week Room: Connection Center


Online Only 
8:15a / 9:30a / 11:00a

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