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Super Kids Camp - Summer 2024

June 24, 2024 

5:30pm - 7:30pm

Super Kids Camp is for kids with special needs that are in kindergarten to 12th grade.

Hero Kids Camp is for siblings of the child attending Super Kids Camp. (Kindergarten to 12th grade) 

Super Kids Camp is a one day evening camp for kids with special needs to have fun and build relationships with other kids who are like them. We will have activities that will be tailored to their abilities. Parents will have a fun picnic and meet other parents that have children with special needs.   

The event will have various stations for the interaction of the children. Each child will be assigned a youth-aged buddy who will guide them around the activities that will be upstairs. The registration form lists all the specific activities that will be supervised by an adult that has some level of experience working with children with special needs. We will insure that the buddy has all the likes and non-likes to better pick the activities for their child. The kids will receive a t-shirt.

  • We will not be providing food for the child(ren).

  • We will be mindful of all non-food allergies.  

  • Most of the adult volunteers have some experience in caring for children with special needs. (SN teachers, occupational therapist)

  • We will have a nurse on duty.

  • We will have security at all of the exits for runners.

  • We will have calm down rooms.

  • Parent(s) are asked to stay on campus throughout the event.

  • If their child is not independent in toileting, the parent(s) will be required to provide any needs in that area.

Hero camp is only for siblings of the special needs child who are attending the Super Camp. The only exception is if the child belongs to a volunteer helping with the event. This event will be in the gym and will have several activities for the children that do not have special needs. The kids will receive a t-shirt.

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