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Under The Influence - Spring 2024

Updated: Apr 4

April 7 - May 12, 2024

Sundays at 11am

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Holy Spirit?” What is the first thing that pops into your head? What image? What Bible story? It should not surprise us that we have an incomplete view and experience of the Holy Spirit. We would probably say that we have a decent understanding of God the Father and God the Son, but if you are truthful, you may have more questions than you care to admit about the Holy Spirit. Pastor Danny Quintanilla, Discipleship Director at Bear Creek Church, will lead this six-week study, where we will seek to know and experience the Spirit’s presence in our lives. We will grow in understanding who He is, what He does, and why it matters. The goal of our time together is not primarily to be informed but to be transformed, allowing God to shape us into people who live Under The Influence of His divine presence, purpose, and power.


If you are interested in this study by Pastor Danny, please register below.

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