Waiting Anxiously for the Second Coming, Pastor David Welch

May 30, 2021

This weekend, we honor the 1.1 million men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. And we thank God for our Lord Jesus who gave His life up for our ultimate freedom. If you love Christ for giving us hope and new life...

Q: What should your love for Christ be producing in you?

A: It should develop in you a longing for Christ to return.

Over 300 verses (1 in 13 verses) in the New Testament refer to Christ’s Second Coming.

Big Idea

I should stir up my own anticipation and desire for Jesus to return, like anticipating the return of someone I love with all my heart.

Living in Expectancy

  1. What would living in expectancy do in me?

  2. What makes me wait expectantly?

  3. What am I waiting for?

Verses to study

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