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On My Block (Week 4) Jesus Heals Bartimaeus - (Mark 10:46-52)

February 27, 2022

Do you have to remember a lot of stuff before you head out the door for school? Like your binder or planner, your water bottle, your lunch, your backpack, your jacket or umbrella or your favorite scrunchie? Along with all the school stuff, what if we added something else to that “don’t forget” list? How about “TO DO GOOD” and “TO SHARE”? Compassion is about caring enough to do something about someone else’s need. When we care enough, we should do enough to help. To show compassion, we need to look at the people around us, at the others that cross our path each day. This is how Jesus lived. He came to serve and to save. He came to help and to rescue. And when we stop worrying about ourselves and start focusing on others, we’ll show all the others around us just how much Jesus loves them.



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