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Jam Session: Jesus Heals a Man Who CouldNot Walk/Four Friends

March 20, 2022

In week three, we head to a story found in Luke 5:17- 26. We discover a paralyzed man who just happened to have some excellent friends. When they heard that Jesus was in town, they tried everything to get their friend to Jesus. When they arrived, the place was packed. Instead of giving up, the friends went to the roof and tore a hole big enough to drop their friend down right in front of Jesus. Jesus did something unbelievable because of their faith and cooperation.

Bottom Line: Work together to help someone in need. When we see others with needs that seem huge and overwhelming, we often think they’re too big for us to help and end up doing nothing. However, if we cooperate with others to meet those needs, we have a better chance of making a difference in their life and pointing them to God.



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