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Upcycle: Roll with What You've Got (Week 2): King Ahab and Naboth’s Vineyard - 1 Kings

November 14, 2021

Can you imagine a king, with ultimate power and authority, pouting on his bed like a preschooler? That’s exactly what King Ahab did. His love for stuff and wanting more led him to say things and do things that got him into big trouble. You know, the problem with wanting more and more is.... wanting more and more leads you to feeling like you never have enough. So maybe our focus should shift. What if we put all that “I really want it” energy into doing the right thing? When our focus is on trusting God and making choices that honor Him, we’ll start to see that stuff doesn’t really make us happy. Loving God and loving others is what matters.

Bottom Line: Wanting more and more can make you miserable.



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