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Puzzled: Jesus Appears to Thomas, John 20:19-29

April 24, 2022

We finish the month with a critical moment recorded in John 20:19-29. Although Thomas was one of Jesus’ disciples, He hadn’t yet seen Jesus face-to-face after the resurrection. When the rest of the disciples tried to tell him that Jesus was alive, Thomas couldn’t believe it. When Jesus showed up again, He went right over to Thomas and gave him a chance to touch the scars. Thomas knew once and for all that Jesus was alive!

Bottom Line:

Whatever happens, remember God is bigger than your questions. Questions are a normal part of growing up and following Jesus. We won’t always understand what we read in the Bible or why our life looks like it does. God wants us to be honest about our questions and doubts. You can create a safe environment where kids can process the questions they face. We pray that kids will understand that they can have hope knowing God will be with them through their questions.



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