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Epic A Love Story for the Ages: Matthew 22:34-40

August 8, 2022

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Story Focus: Jesus explained this idea perfectly in Matthew 22:34- 40, which is where we begin this month. The religious leaders asked Jesus: out of the hundreds of laws the Jewish people were to follow, which were the most important? Jesus said that everything written in the Jewish Scriptures was based on loving God and loving others as you love yourself. For Jesus, love was most important and the foundation for everything.

Bottom Line: Love God by loving others. Love is the common thread throughout the whole Bible—the entire epic story of God. Jesus made it very clear for the religious leaders that day, and also for us here in 2022: We can love God by loving the people around us, and showing them how much they matter to us. God’s love changes us and moves us toward a life of loving others.


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