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Epic: God Chooses Abram, Genesis 12:1-9, 15:1-6

August 28, 2022

Story Focus: That man was Abram—later called Abraham. We’ll discover Abram’s story as we jump ahead to Genesis 12:1-9, 15:1-6. God promised Abram that his descendants would become a great nation that would show love to the world. God told Abram to pack up his family and move . . . and Abram wasn’t exactly sure how things would play out. But he followed God and trusted that God would provide.

Bottom Line: God has a plan to show love to the world. God had a big plan to bless the world through Abram’s family. That plan came true when God sent Jesus—the Son of God, and also one of Abram’s descendants. God blessed the whole world through Jesus! No matter what we’re going through, or what we see in the world around us, we can know for sure that God has always had a good plan to show love to the world—and God’s plans are still true today.



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