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The Big Give: Shepherds and Angels, Luke 2:8-20

December 25, 2022

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: Jesus is born! God could have announced the birth of the Savior to anyone. But in Luke 2:8-20, we read that God didn’t choose to share Jesus’ birth with kings, government officials, or religious leaders. Rather, God sent an angel choir to announce this news to a bunch of shepherds on a hillside. The shepherds ran to find Jesus, where they worshipped Him. They were so full of joy that they made sure to tell everyone what they had seen!

Bottom Line: The good news is for everyone. The message of Jesus . . . the gift of His love . . . isn’t something we can keep to ourselves. Our relationship with Jesus changes us, and everyone needs to hear about it. This week, we want kids to start thinking about how they can share the good news about Jesus. From the words they say to the life they live; they can point people to Jesus and show God’s love to others.

Key Question: What are ways you can share the good news? As we celebrate Christmas together, let’s take a moment to discover ways that we can share God’s love and the message of Jesus with others. We can take a cue from the shepherds and see that the message of Christmas is so incredible that everyone needs to hear it and experience it for themselves. We’ll talk about how we can worship Jesus with our lives and show others just how much Jesus loves them!



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