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Preschool Ministry Monthly Overview: March 2021, Start Your Engines

March 1, 2021

When race car drivers hear the call to “start your engines,” the mission is clear, and they are ready to go, go, go! The same can be said for those of us who follow Jesus. Jesus is calling each of us to start our engines and go do what He has prepared us to do. His call is to “love each other the way I have loved you.” Yes, the mission is clear, and it’s time for us to help our preschoolers get ready to go, go, go and love, love, love—like Jesus! And, how do we love like Jesus? We put others first and are a good friend. We share with others, help others, and say kind words to each other. When we do these things, our light shines bright and the love of Jesus shines through us. Preschoolers want to show everyone that, “I can do it. I can put on my shoes. I can make my bed. I can carry heavy things.” Let’s help them add, “I can love like Jesus,” to that list. Now, start your engines!



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