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Does Christianity sustain me when I suffer? Pastor David Welch

May 2, 2021

If we ask ourselves, "Does Christianity sustain us through our suffering?" we will find there are no easy answers. Three things that Christianity says about suffering...

1.That suffering is a plain reality Breaking down Romans 8:17-23

  • Verse 17-we suffer with him

  • Verse 18–our present sufferings

  • Verse 22–the whole creation has been groaning

  • Verse 23–we ourselves, groan inwardly

2.That it makes suffering meaningful and purposeful 3.That it sustains you when you suffer now

Sustaining Realities

1. We know God enters into our suffering with us 2. We know that God gives us the grace to endure our pain 3. We know that God causes our suffering to work for our good

The sustaining power He gives us now is HOPE.

Verses to study:

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