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All Things for the Gospel, Pastor David Welch

June 20, 2021

Today we honor all fathers on Father's Day. You are a gift from God and a blessing to us all! We also pay tribute to Pastor David and BJ Welch for 20 years of service at Bear Creek Baptist Church! During these past two decades, there have been storms in our presence, including unprecedented meteorological events, national disasters, economic devastation, and a worldwide pandemic. Pastor David reflects on how "these storms have had a huge impact on forming us as a faith family... teaching us endurance and spiritual resilience... and the power, joy, and fullness that comes simply from a life that gives itself away... That's who we are... A church for all people... Centered on the gospel."

To feel the impact of what 20 years together means, we must REMEMBER:

  1. The storms we’ve weathered together

  2. What we’ve seen God do in us together

  3. What we must vision together


All things for the gospel

Verses to study:

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