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"Credible" Introduction, Pastor David Welch

Updated: Jan 9

February 14, 2021

In Pastor David's new teaching series, Credible, we will be learning why the world around us needs to see credibility in our that it makes them thirsty. We should be personally burdened for the reputation of Jesus. So what is credibility? The quality of being believable The Big Idea: I have no chance of convincing anyone of the reality of my faith until they see a credible faith living out of me. First Commitments of a Credible Faith 1. Committed to battle my flesh 2. Ready to repel and attract 3. Determined to live my faith visibly (although your faith is already seen whether you want it to be seen or not) Scriptures to Study: 1 Timothy 4:7-12 1 Peter 2:11-12 1 Peter 5:8 Romans 13:13-14 Galatians 5:24

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