"Pray Radical: Search Me, O God" Pastor David Welch, August 8, 2021

August 8, 2021

In the first message of Pastor David's new sermon series, the focus is on how prayer can have a radical effect in your life – if you know the right prayers to pray. The Bible gives us at least four examples of the most radical things you could ask from God.

First, you must find in you the radicalness to pray

“Search me, O God.”

Five Steps to “Search Me, O God”

  1. 1. You feel God’s scrutiny

  2. 2. It makes you claustrophobic

  3. 3. You want to hide from God

  4. 4. You come to treasure what God thinks of you

  5. 5. You begin to ask “Search me, O God”

Verses to Study

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