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"Pray Radical: Use me, O God," Pastor David Welch

September 12, 2021

Pastor David teaches us the last of four prayers in the final sermon of his series, Pray Radical. These are: "Search me," "Break me," "Not me," and now...

Pray Radical: "Use me, O God."

A genuine encounter with God’s presence will radically affect you. You will become deeply available to God. Your response will be “whatever, whenever, wherever.”

The Prayer

Use me, O God."

The Effects of a ‘Use Me’ Prayer

  • Overwhelmed by holiness vs 3 – “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts”

  • Healed by severe cleansing vss 6-7 … with a burning coal … he touched my mouth with it …

  • A life offered vs 8 Here am I. Send me!

Verses to Study:

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