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Ready, Set, Move!: Paul and Silas Are Thrown Into Prison, Acts 16:16-40

July 9, 2023

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: In week 2, we catch up with Paul in Acts 16:16-40. Paul and his traveling companion, Silas, were arrested for causing a commotion while trying to help a person in need. In jail, they could have given up their calling to share Jesus’ love with others. However, even in the middle of this difficult situation, they showed the power of faith and ended up showing joy! They sang worship songs to God, right there in prison. After an earthquake, the Holy Spirit gave them the right words at the right time to help the jailer and his family start a relationship with Jesus.

Bottom Line: God can help you find joy. We might not ever face a challenge like Paul and Silas experienced, but throughout life we’ll understand that things can sometimes get tough. From not making the team to struggling in a class at school, kids of all ages struggle with what it means to have joy during difficult situations. Through this lesson, we pray that kids will start to discover that joy isn’t something that they need to figure out on their own. They can trust God to help them choose joy no matter what.

Key Question: What brings you joy? It’s easy to think that joy is the same thing as happiness, especially when you’re a preteen. As we think about the things that really bring us joy, we start to realize that joy isn’t dependent upon our circumstances. Even when we’re feeling down, when we put our faith in God, our perspective can change. Joy is a choice to be content and trust that no matter what is happening, God is with us and is what’s best for us.



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