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Stand: Joshua and Caleb, Numbers 13-14

November 6, 2022

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: For week one, we pick up God’s Big Story in Numbers 13-14 with two guys named Joshua and Caleb. After traveling through the desert away from Egypt, they demonstrated courage when they were sent out as spies in the Promised Land with 10 of their fellow Israelites. The land of Canaan was awesome, but it also wouldn’t be too easy to enter. When everyone else was scared to enter this land that God had promised the Israelites, Joshua and Caleb found the courage to speak up and remind the people that God would provide a way for them to take the land. They were brave even when others weren’t, and God rewarded them for it.

Bottom Line: You can do what you should even when others are afraid. Courage can be contagious. When we see others being brave, that has the potential to inspire us to be brave too. We hope to help kids realize that they can lead by example. When they trust God and have courage, they can point others to God and empower them to show courage too.

Key Question: What are people afraid of? We start with this high-level question because, for kids, it’s often easier to talk about your own fears when you think about what others find scary. We hope to start a good discussion about fears in others to help kids think about fears of their own. God can meet us in our fears and help us find the courage to face them.



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