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Think Tank: Boy Jesus at the Temple, Luke 2:41-52

January 8, 2023

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: In Luke 2:41-52, we discover a moment from Jesus’ childhood when He stayed behind in Jerusalem after the Passover feast. Jesus was fully God, but He was also fully human. And as a human, Jesus recognized something very important. He knew that He needed to be in a place where He could learn and discuss God’s words. Even as a child, Jesus prioritized studying Scripture.

Bottom Line: Knowing God is the most important thing. Our kids are growing up in the information age. With the tap of a screen, kids have access to anything they might want to discover. However, not all information they might find is equally valuable. We want to help kids understand that when they focus on knowing God first, the rest will fall into place.

Key Question: How do you know God? For many preteens, knowing God might seem completely unattainable. We hope that as they discover ways Jesus grew in His understanding of God, they’ll figure out some practical ways they can get to know God too.

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