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Think Tank: Jesus Is Tempted in the Desert, Luke 4:1-13

January 22, 2023

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: After Jesus’ baptism, we head to Luke 4:1-13 and find that Jesus had gone out to the desert. In this story, Jesus was being tested. The devil showed up and twisted what Jesus knew about God and Scripture. But Jesus was prepared to face these challenges head-on. Jesus knew better and leveraged the truth from Scripture to fight and overcome the devil’s temptations.

Bottom Line: Remembering what’s true can help you make the wise choice. It’s important for kids to remember that if they have a big question about what to do, the first place they should look is the Bible. We pray that kids will start to understand the importance of the Bible in their life. When they don’t know what choice to make, they can turn to God’s Word—or someone who knows God’s Word—to help them with whatever choices they’re facing.

Key Question: What helps you make the wise choice? Every day we make decisions. Some of those decisions are simple—others not so much. This is hard enough for us as adults, but think about our preteens who are thinking deeply about the world for the first time. We pray that as they look at how Jesus made the wise choice, they’ll be inspired to dig into God’s Word and do the same.



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