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Road Rules: A Roman Commander Has Faith, Matthew 8:5-13

February 26, 2023

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: We finish our month on respect in Matthew 8:5-13, where we find a Roman commander. This man was in charge of soldiers, who did whatever he told them to do. Yet when the commander’s servant became seriously ill, he realized that he had no control and wasn’t really in charge anymore. He had no power over his servant’s health. However, the commander had heard about Jesus and the power He had from God. The commander respected that Jesus had authority to heal his servant, and he had faith that Jesus could do it. Jesus honored the centurion’s faith and healed the servant.

Bottom Line: Remember God is most important. Kids might be able to tell you how important God is in their lives, but they might not understand how to show respect to God. It’s great to sing songs to God at church, but we can make God important in our everyday lives too. This will be a great week to talk about how we can remember God is most important by spending time learning about God in the Bible, praying to God about what’s happening in our lives, and making God a priority in our conversations with others. There are all sorts of ways kids can show how much God means to them.

Key Question: How do you show respect to God? It’s one thing to show respect to people we can see and interact with, but what about showing respect to God? Preteens might have a hard time figuring out how to show respect to Someone they can’t see. We hope they’ll discover how they can show respect to God through the choices they make and the life they live.

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