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Road Rules: Mary and Martha, Luke 10:38-42

February 19, 2023

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: In week three, we find Jesus at the home of His friends Mary and Martha. Luke 10:38-42 we find how these two sisters had different things in mind when it came to having Jesus in their home. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet while He talked. Martha was busy doing all the things that she felt needed to get done. Martha complained to Jesus, but Jesus answered that what Mary was doing was better in that moment.

Bottom Line: Take time to show others they are important. We often think that the only way we can show respect to others is by being busy doing stuff for them. But people don’t need us to be busy; they just need us to show up and be there for them. The time we spend with others can speak volumes to show them how much we love them.

Key Question: How has someone shown you you’re important? Hopefully, your preteens have at least one person in their life that reminds them how valuable and important they are. Often, when we want preteens to consider how their actions impact others, it’s a good idea to help them think about how similar actions have impacted them. This question helps them see how others have affirmed their value in the past, and it reminds them of how that affirmation made them feel. We pray that, through the conversations and activities this week, kids will start to realize the impact they can have when they show others they’re important too.

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