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Creating a Media Safe Home

Bear Creek Church presents

Creating a Media Safe Home

Free Seminar

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Adults, Students in 6th - 12th Grade and literally anyone who is interested in learning how to create a media-safe, Christ-centered home is invited to attend!

  • Lunch is included

  • Free childcare is available

  • Invite your neighbors

Registration is required prior to this event.

Media has the ability to be one of the strongest influencers of our kids and many parents feel ill-equipped to build a media safe home. What about Gaming? Movies? Music, and Social Media? Texting, sexting, and mobile phone use and abuse? What about TikTok, Netflix, Prime, and HBO Max? If young people are becoming “tech savvy” as early as first grade, how do parents guide conversations to add their life experience to the engagement

Presenter, David Peck will speak about all of this and the fact that mobile phones are the greatest distributor of pornography and what you can do about it. Is it possible to create a media safe home? David and his wife Dreena believe that you can. It’s easier to start early but it’s never too late.

In this seminar, David will tackle the conversation points and questions to bridge the divide of what is helpful, harmful, and yet to be determined. Our role as parents is to raise Christ-centered adults that have learned to have power and agency over their choices.

This fast paced seminar is filled with laughter, inspiring media, a Biblical perspective on media as well as practical ideas and information you need to help your kids make wise decisions about media and technology. David and his wife Dreena will host an important question and answer session so that both perspectives are addressed.

This recent Netflix documentary provides examples of the hidden and often harmful consequences that social media and technology has on our society.


About Dr. David Peck:

David S. Peck, PhD, serves as the Culture Director at Chick-fil-A, West Covina, teaches public relations, marketing, and argumentation to every level of college student (Bachelors to Doctoral). With degrees in business (BS, MBA), and psychology (MA, PhD), Peck’s educational pursuits align with the intersection of business, development, and behavior. He is a member of the married way up club to his wife Dreena (almost 30) years, and is proud of his five children. As a supporter and speaker for Homeword, His passion lies in marriage, parenting, and media psychology. Peck enjoys time with his family, cooking, reading, soccer, teaching, and traveling and their Aussie, Tahoe.



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