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FX Christmas Advent Box: Christmas Day

Christ Candle – Candle #5 (white)

December 25, 2020 – Christmas Day

Jesus is the one who gave His life for us. He is the one who rose gain and lives today. He is the one who will come back again. No matter what Christmas looks like at your house, no matter if you have a real tree, or an artificial tree, or no tree at all. . .no matter is you dress up, or stay in your jammies, or wear that ugly Christmas sweater. . .no matter if you have dinner out of a can, or at your grandma’s, or with a new neighbor. . .no matter what – Jesus wants to be the center of everything you do. When we keep Him as the most important thing about Christmas, and every single other day, we understand real hope and love and joy and peace. This candle shines so bright in our lives that it helps put everything else in the right light. That is the greatest gift ever. It was the first gift of Christmas. It will be the greatest gift for every one of us forever. Christmas is only possible because our journey always takes us to this candle in the middle. The one that represents what Christmas is all about: God’s Son.

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