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The Resurrection of Jesus Brings Hope, Pastor David Welch

Updated: Apr 5

Easter, April 4, 2021

During Easter service, we were so blessed to have Nancy Sparks share her story of hope...inspired by her daughter Keri. As we begin this new sermon series, "Does Christianity Work?" we would like to share more personal stories of truth and faith.

This coming Sunday, Pastor David is going to be speaking about, "Does Prayer Work?" If you have experienced an answered prayer and would consider sharing your story with Pastor David, just reply to this email. We would love to hear from you in the next day or two. Sharing your story may encourage others to come to know the Lord.

"The hope of Easter means that there comes a day when we will exist without sickness, without discouragement and without despair. We will exist in an environment and community where our joy only grows. A huge part of this hope is that it is possible to begin to taste it right now." ~ Pastor David Welch The hope that comes from Jesus' resurrection is the promise of eternity. What makes this hope so powerful? 1. It's credible 2. It can be experienced 3. It's an anchor How do you invite this hope into your life? BELIEVE + RECEIVE = BECOME Verses to study:

If you have prayed for salvation, asking Jesus to come into your life for the first time, Pastor David invites you to view a special message of Hope.