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Volleyball Resumes for Fall 2020

September 29, 2020

The first night of games was filled with fun and laughter and excitement as everyone was ready to be back. We had some really good tight games and best of all NO INJURIES!   Since we are resuming athletic activities, and we are taking the recommended precautions, this volleyball season is not an organized league, so we are not keeping standings. We are playing to get back in shape and hopefully lose those Pandemic Ten Pounds. The games are 15 rally scoring and over three rounds and then rotate everyone to new teams and play again until our time runs out. Currently, we are only open to the first twenty participants that RSVP before each game night. We are hoping to expand that capacity starting in October to around thirty participants.  We look forward to expanding our group this week to new players unable to come last week but the list is filled quickly. If you'd like to join us please contact us! We can’t wait to be able to open up both sides and get back to our normal set-up. From last week's Volleyball night:

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