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Word of Encouragement: Keep Focusing on God

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Word of Encouragement from Scott Denton, Sports and Recreation Pastor

What do you spend your think-time on? It is easy to get focused on negativity, but God reminds us that this is where we should focus our attention. I am reminded of the illustration of a blank white piece of paper. When asked what you see you would usually respond a blank, white piece of paper. I then take a marker and put a dot in the middle of the paper and then ask what you see and 99% of responses will come back with a colored dot on the paper. How crazy when the entire page is still white and clean and pure with no flaws on it that the focus becomes the tiny speck that becomes the attention-getter. The one little blemish. So I encourage you to take your eyes off the little things that many times you cannot do anything about anyway and look at all the positive things going on and share the good news instead of focusing on the negative or bad news.



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