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Word of Encouragement - Serve Others

Word of Encouragement from Scott Denton, Sports and Recreation Pastor

To serve each other is what Christ showed as the greatest example. Are you looking around you? Seeking to discover how you can intentionally help someone else. Possibly even go out of your way or stop and meet a need. How often do you say to someone I will be praying for you but never really earnestly lift them Up to the Father. The next time why not pray right then with them.

When you know a family has been hospitalized or has been struggling go buy them groceries or some meals and provide for them instead of asking them what they need. You know they need basic things. What about the lonely or mistreated. You could go and spend time with them, maybe take them out to see a movie or for a walk in the park or just to their house for a visit.

Look for ways to serve others and meet their agenda instead of always trying to get your to-do list done.



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