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Lisa Lee

Preschool Ministry Director

Lisa Lee, Director of Preschool Ministry, has been an active member at Bear Creek since November 2005 and on staff since July 2010. Lisa has had a calling for service her entire adult life and felt Gods calling for our littlest ones that are most precious to our Lord. Her ministry is dedicated to create an environment that is a safe and loving one where every child will know the Word of God. Lisa is married to Bryan and has two children, Matthew, and Lauren. She enjoys spending time with her immediate and her cul-de-sac family, baking, traveling and watching movies.


Lisa Lee, Directora de Ministerio de Preescolar, ha sido un miembro activo en Bear Creek desde noviembre de 2005 y en el personal desde julio de 2010. Está dedicada a crear un ambiente de amor seguridad para que cada niño conozca la Palabra de Dios. Su ministerio está dedicado a crear un ambiente seguro y amoroso donde cada niño conocerá la Palabra de Dios. Lisa está casada con Bryan y tiene dos hijos, Matthew y Lauren. Disfruta pasar tiempo con su familia inmediata y sus vecinos que son como su familia, horneando, viajando y viendo películas.


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