Volunteer Opportunities

at Bear Creek Church

Preschool Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Nursery Worker
Leads and cares for an assigned small group of small children each week by nurturing and caring for each child’s basic needs. Consistently connects and forms a loving relationship with babies, their families, and other servant leaders. 


Small Group Leader
Leads and cares for an assigned small group each week by teaching provided lessons and activities. Consistently connects and forms a loving relationship with preschoolers, their families, and other servant leaders. 


Greets all families and children each week.  Assists new families with filling out guest forms and assigning children to their appropriate classrooms. Assisting families with the check-in procedures. 


Maintains a presence of security in our area for preschoolers and their families each week. Assures all safety and security policies are being followed. 


Kid's Ministry Volunteer Opportunities


Welcome children and their families as they enter the Children’s Ministry area.  Assist guests with registration form, assign children to a specific class, escort all family members to designated locations and introduce guest to the classroom leaders.  Explain the transferring process between hours and our security system.  Ensure that each person feels welcomed and important.


Small Group Administrative Assistant

Greet child and family at the classroom door and make sure the child engages in the current activity.  Take roll, write 3 – 4 postcards each week and assist with classroom activity set up and clean up.


Small Group Leader

Provide focused attention to a group of 5 – 7 children, building relationships and intentionally shepherding them through lesson and life application activities.  All lesson materials and supplies are provided.


Large Group Leader

Study and implement the Large Group program using the teaching methods and technical components suggested.


AV (Audio/Visual)/Media Team

Operate and maintain appropriate lighting, sound, and presentation software during the large group time and the Children’s Worship Service.  Training available.


Set Design/Construction Team

Design, obtain, and/or construct monthly sets for the large group areas and the Children’s Worship Room.


Children’s Worship Grade Level Leader

Build meaningful relationships with the children in their assigned grade level and participate with the children as they worship God through games, songs, and Bible lessons.  Ensure a safe and orderly worship environment.


Treasure Seekers Leader

Give one on one attention and instruction to a special needs child using provided curriculum and supplies.


Student Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Small Group Leader

Shepherd a small group of teenagers on Sunday morning and throughout the week. Open up God’s Word with them, walk alongside them through life and encourage them to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus daily. Help students belong at the Creek.


Small Group Coordinator

Coordinate with small group leader to connect with students through engaging activities on Sunday mornings as well as outside of Sunday mornings


Wednesday Night Volunteer

Engage with students prior to programming (games, activities, etc.). Help the Creek staff create an environment where students can worship and learn free from distraction


Sunday Morning Administrator

Oversee the check-in process on Sunday mornings. Ensure guests are welcomed and connected to a small group.


Wednesday Night Administrator

Oversee the check-in process on Wednesday night. Ensure guests are welcomed and connected to a caring adult. Help with concessions and events as needed.


Special Events Volunteer (Seasonal)

Help the Creek Staff pull off life-changing and eternity-impacting events throughout the year. Opportunities to serve range from serving food and opening up your home to leading games or small group discussions.


Sports and Recreation Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Registration/check-in Hosts

Before events, we need people to help us get information from parents and hand out security tags. We usually have between 3-6 of these days and would need about one to one and a half hours for each setting. Weeknights or Saturday mornings.



At each game we need people to help us keep the games flowing by running the clock or keeping the stats of the players. Around 8 weeks of games would be anywhere from 3-4 hours per day. Some weeknights or Saturdays.



People to help set-up and run concession stand throughout game days. Anywhere from 3-8 hours come in for a shift or stay all day. Usually about 8 weeks or the duration of the specific league. Seeking adults or high school age.


Sport Coach

All Sports Groups (Elementary, Student, Adult)

This would require around 12 weeks for season and around 3 hours per week. Teach fundamentals of given sport with players and encourage to keep up with training throughout each week.


Spiritual Coach

All Sports Groups (Elementary, Student, Adult)

This requires 12 weeks for season and about 30-45 minutes per week to share with team families the Word of God and to follow up throughout each week for care needs.


Personal Trainer Coach

All Sports Groups (Elementary, Student, Adult)

This requires 12 weeks for season and about 30-45 minutes per week to share with team families exercises and demonstrate proper technique to perform each and follow-up throughout each week to encourage family activity of workouts.


Nutrition Coach

All Sports Groups (Elementary, Student, Adult)

This requires 12 weeks for season and 15-30 minutes with families to share recipes and nutritional information and encourage families with good eating habits.


Connection and Guest Services Volunteer Opportunities

Inside Greeters

Warmly greets everyone who walks through our doors and builds conversational relationships.


Parking Lot Greeters

Actively look for first time guests, greet them warmly and directs them to an Information/Guest Services Desk.



Escort first time guests or parents taking children to age group ministries for the first time around our campus, ensuring that the guest/family feels welcomed and engaged.



Greeters that rove the Worship Center greeting and engaging those arriving before service starts with the goal of locating first time guests and actively looking for repeat guests.


Captains and Assistant Captains

Supervises and coordinates Information Desk Teams.


Baptism Counselors

Celebrates with those being baptized by assisting with greeting, calming, preparing baptistery, keeping baptistery safe and cleaning up afterwards (includes taking home towels to wash and bring back).


Baptism Prep

Teaches and/or counsels at our Adult Baptism Prep Class.



Church members who assist with various aspects of our New Member Belong gathering that have a passion for connecting people to our faith family. Serve opportunities include making phone calls, preparing materials, preparing food, greeting and hosting a table.


Connection Partners

Seasoned church members who have a passion for praying with others, directing them to additional resources and helping them take their NEXT Step of faith.


F1 Data Entry

Assists with keeping our database current and accurate to keep our faith family connected.


Media / Worship Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Camera Operator

Camera Operators are responsible for video-capturing our worship experiences on Sunday mornings. Camera Operators follow the direction of the Video Director and cooperate as part of the video team in multiple areas of the Worship Center.


This position is key to furthering the Church’s communication and marketing objectives, by capturing photographic images that represent the people of Bear Creek and tell the story of the Life of our church.

Lighting Operator

Lighting Technicians are responsible for crafting a creative and appealing color scheme and lighting cues to match and follow our worship services, sermon and seasonal themes using our lighting equipment.

Screen Operator / Sermon Slides

Our Screen Operator follows our pastor during his sermon and launches timely cues for sermon slides to support the sermon with visual graphic displays on screens.

Gym Stage Tear Down

Every Sunday immediately after the 11am Spanish service, this crew tears down and puts away all the stage set up in the gym, that includes all the worship music equipment, staging and media/tech equipment used. This is a total TEAM collaboration and the more help available, the easier and faster this is accomplished.

Worship Team Singer

Do you sing? Join our worship team and begin using your gifts for the Lord. Our worship leaders have the joy and responsibility of leading our congregation into worship, encouraging and influencing our church through song, on Sunday mornings. Come and try out!