Bear Creek Kids serves the families and children of kindergarten through fifth graders. Our mission is to partner with parents to see kids rooted, growing, and sharing their own Christ-like faith. Our mission is lived out through our strategic values. We value….


Believe and Receive- We want each child to believe that Jesus is the only way for salvation and receive Jesus as the boss or Lord of their life.

Creating Spiritual Habits- We want each child to know how to spend time daily with God through Bible study and prayer.

Knowing God’s Way- We want each child to know how to make wise decisions with the Bible as their guide.

Intentional Sharing- We want each child to know how to share their faith with others.

Doing Life Together- We want each child to have a deep sense of community in their faith family.

Serving- We want each child to know their spiritual gifts and how they can use them to serve others.

For more information, contact us (this can be a link to our email and our Bear Creek Kids team will reach out to you.

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