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Connected: Abigail Intervenes. 1 Samuel 25:1-35

March 17, 2024

K-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade

Story Focus: In 1 Samuel 25:1-35, we find a story about a woman named Abigail. We read how King David was furious with a man named Nabal who had mistreated his men. David decided to get revenge . . . until Nabal’s wife, Abigail, intercepted him, apologized, and offered gifts as a way to make peace. Even though Abigail wasn’t responsible for her husband’s offense, she realized that she could play a role in making peace.

Bottom Line: You can help others make peace. Peace is often about helping stop an argument before it can escalate into something worse. It takes time and energy to act as a peacemaker between other people, but God can give us the strength to help others make peace. For kids, this might mean getting the help of an adult who can calm down a situation. Sometimes an outside perspective is what someone needs to see a peaceful solution to an argument they’re having. We pray that God will give kids wisdom to see how they can step in and help make peace.

Key Question: How can you be a peacemaker? It’s one thing to SAY that peace is important. It’s another thing to actively work toward making peace. As kids go about their day, we hope they learn to stop, look around, and see how they can help make peace between people they know who are experiencing an argument.

Memory Verse: “If possible, live in peace with everyone. Do that as much as you can." Romans 12:18, NIR

Peace: Proving you care more about each other than winning an argument.



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