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Connected: Palm Sunday. Matthew 21:1-11

March 24, 2024

K-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade

Story Focus: We kick off Easter week with the story of Palm Sunday as described in Matthew 21:1-11. By this time, God’s people had been waiting hundreds of years for God’s promised Savior. As Jesus’ ministry grew, the people were starting to believe that Jesus WAS that Savior. They were sure that God’s promises were finally coming true! So when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, just like a prophesy foretold, the people celebrated and worshipped Him. And while they might not have fully understood how Jesus was about to make peace, they could celebrate because God was faithful to send a Savior.

Bottom Line: Jesus came to be our Savior. Jesus was more than a good teacher and miracle worker. Jesus is God’s very own Son. God promised that Jesus would come and save us from the consequences of our sin. When Jesus came, He fulfilled all of the promises that God made. On top of that, Jesus is the Savior we all need to have a forever relationship with God. We pray that all kids choose to trust Jesus as their Savior this Easter season.

Key Question: Why are promises important? We start with a high-level question about promises to get kids thinking about the ways that making and keeping promises can build trust with people. Promises can allow us to remain at peace with each other. They can also show how much we’re willing to go the extra mile to show others how much they mean to us. Most of all, we pray that kids start to understand some of God’s huge promises that came true through Jesus.

Memory Verse: “If possible, live in peace with everyone. Do that as much as you can." Romans 12:18, NIR

Peace: Proving you care more about each other than winning an argument.



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