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Faith and Finances: A Biblical Approach to Beating Inflation, Fall 2022

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Space Limited. Register Now!

September 11 - November 20, 2022

Sundays from 9:15-10:45am

at Bear Creek Church in the Connection Center

Free Class

Feeling stressed about money? Come learn timeless principles of wise money management. Don’t let the burden of inflation bury your family. Experience the freedom that comes from controlling your finances! Register now for our fall course!

We invite and teach students how to experience and participate in God’s Kingdom work by understanding HIS plan for our money, relationships and while learning practical ways to combat inflation. Students will receive encouragement and understanding from other participants as they travel this road of discovery together. Biblical principles are taught and reinforced throughout the course, providing wisdom to overcome the real-world pitfalls that surround us. Specific topics that will be investigated include:

  • Overcoming Financial Challenges

  • Discovering your values and attitudes toward money

  • Seeing how money is intertwined with our relationships

  • Learning how to make a Financial plan that works

  • Savings Goals

  • Spending Plans

  • Retirement Strategies

  • Managing debt & loans God’s way

  • Dealing with financial emergencies

  • Using the right kind of Financial institutions

  • Uncovering God’s plan for us to live simply and joyfully

  • Giving Back! (blessing others)


Jim Graham, Houston Director of Faith and Work, Faith and Finance

Victoria Delaune, Certified Faith and Finance Facilitator

For more information, please contact


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