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Kickboxing Classes

Updated: Feb 10

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 – 7:45pm

Ages 15 and up. First class is free. $10 per person per additional class.

Kickboxing is a total cardiovascular workout that helps tone the overall body through a series of punching, kicking, padwork, and various other movements. It allows you to strengthen, tone and reduce fat all at the same time. You will increase flexibility, burn calories on average 600-800, improve coordination and increase cardiovascular fitness in a fun and positive environment.

Our focus is on teaching kicks, punches, knees and bobbing and weaving. Participants will learn how to gauge distance and land punches and kicks correctly. Most moves will be practiced with a partner using pads and shields. During each class, endorphins are released in the body to relieve pain and aid in decreasing depression and stress. You will feel great after every class!

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