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Bear Creek Sports Ministry FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions to the Bear Creek Church Sports Ministry.

Q. You have tryouts – Does everyone make the team?

A. Yes. We seek to identify the strengths of each person coming in and placing them on teams to help create an equal distribution of talent for each team.

Q. How long are the seasons?

A. Our Leagues typically begin with two-three practices before the first game and then we have 6 weeks of games, one week of playoffs and one week of championship. This is around 10 weeks total.

Q. Are jerseys included in the registration fee?

A. Yes. Depending upon the league everyone receives a jersey and in soccer socks are also included.

Q. Can I exchange my jersey?

A. Unfortunately because of the way we purchase jerseys you would need to buy another jersey if the one you ordered does not fit or you lose it. We have try-on jerseys available when you come for tryouts.

Q. Can I do a payment plan?

A. Yes we can work with any situation to be able to allow you to participate in our sports ministry.

Q. When are practices and games?

A. Depending on the league. Basketball and soccer for elementary age has one practice a week and games on Saturday mornings. Volleyball for elementary/middle and high school practice is followed by a game on Saturday mornings. Middle and high school basketball has practice followed by game one night a week on M, T or Th evenings. Adult activities are usually M, T or Th evenings.

Q. Can I play on the same team as my friends?

A. Our goal is to make even teams and we understand everyone wants to play together. After we go through tryouts if we do not see any extreme unfair advantage we will usually try and accommodate these requests.

Q. Where do the practices and games take place?

A. Everything we offer happens on our campus. In our gym or on the fields behind the church.

Q. There are multiple tryout dates. Do I need to attend all of them?

A. We only require one but the more they come to the better we have an idea of their skill level.

Q. Is there childcare for adult sports.

A. Unfortunately we are unable to provide and pay people to watch the children.










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