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Bounce Back: Great Commission and Spread of the Gospel

May 1,2022

Story Focus: We start our month in Matthew 28:16-20 and Acts 1-2. Right before God takes Jesus back to heaven, Jesus gave His disciples an incredible task: tell the world about Him and share His love with others. This task wouldn’t be easy, but Jesus promised He would send the Holy Spirit to help. When the Holy Spirit did come at Pentecost, the Spirit gave the disciples power to accomplish the task Jesus set out for them.

Bottom Line: God is always with you. Kids are just beginning to learn that there are parts of life we have to do independently. From our school work to household chores to getting up to bat, it’s all on us to get it done. This realization can be overwhelming for anyone. Thankfully, we’re not on our own when it comes to resilience. God is always with us and can give us the drive to bounce back and keep going to finish what needs to be done.



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