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Bounce Back: Peter and John Are Taken to the Sanhedrin

May 08, 2022

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Story Focus: Next, we head to Acts 3:1-4:21 with Peter and John and their unflinching moment of resilience. Peter and John were resilient even when arrested for sharing the message of Jesus. They wouldn’t let it get them down. They stood up to the religious leaders and never gave up on the mission from Jesus. They were willing to do whatever it took to get it done.

Bottom Line: Keep going even when it gets tough. Kids will face moments when they either want to give up or don’t know how to keep going. In those times, it’s essential to help them remember that God is always with them. God can give them the strength to have resilience and finish whatever task is before them. We pray they learn that they can trust God no matter what and keep going.



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