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High Wire Daring to Trust: Isaac's Wells, Genesis 26:1-22; 26-31

September 11, 2022

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: Next, we discover Isaac venturing out on his own. In Genesis 26, we find out that Isaac moved to a region where he reclaimed the wells that had belonged to his father, Abraham. For years no one had cared about the wells until someone reopened them, then everyone started fighting over them. Instead of fighting, Isaac showed he trusted God and decided to give away the wells to make peace. Isaac walked away from what was rightfully his. God continued to show faithfulness to Isaac. Eventually, the people saw that God had Isaac’s back. They backed away and left Isaac in peace.

Bottom Line: Trust God no matter what. When we read through the stories found in the Bible, we see how the writers experienced God as faithful throughout all sorts of circumstances. We pray this simple truth can be a continual reminder to kids that God’s faithfulness continues today. We can trust God no matter what. Even if we’re not quite sure what’s happening in our lives, we can trust God to help us through it.

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