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Cliffhanger: Moses Is Born, Exodus 2:1-10

October 16, 2022

K-3rd Grade

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4th-5th Grade

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Story Focus: In week three, we head to Exodus 2:1-10. Joseph’s family, God’s people, were growing in number. Pharaoh enslaved them and made life miserable for them. That’s where Moses came in. Moses was born when Pharaoh went even further and commanded that all Israelite baby boys should be killed. Moses’ mother and sister probably weren’t too sure that putting Moses in a basket in the Nile River would keep him safe, but they were determined to keep Moses alive. They chose not to give up. God rescued Moses through the Pharaoh’s daughter, who ended up bringing Moses into the palace as her son and raising him as an Egyptian.

Bottom Line: Hold on even when you don’t know what to do. One of the biggest lessons we learn from Moses’ mom and sister is that they never gave up trusting in God. They weren’t sure how their circumstances would work out, but they believed that God would keep Moses safe. They held on to hope. And God came through for them with a major rescue. God can do the same for us. God can meet us in our confusion and give us the grit we need to push through.

Key Question: When have you helped solve a problem? When it comes to grit, we often face problems that seem impossible to figure out. That’s why we want kids to talk about situations in the past when they’ve been part of solving tricky problems. Knowing what God has enabled us to be capable of in the past can give us the confidence to move forward and help solve whatever current situation we face.

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