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Metter's Testimony: Can God really change my life?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

April 25, 2021

My name is Rob Metter. This is my wife, Leanne Metter. We've been married 27 years. Out of those 27 years, 24 of those I struggled with addiction. This is how God changed my life.

When I when I finally hit rock bottom, I had back issues. And on top of being an alcoholic or with alcoholism, I ended up going to a pain management doctor. I'm not a drug addict, but I was on a lot of opiate drugs, fentanyl being one of them. I tried to stop. I was on those medications for six years. And when I tried to stop, I realized I couldn't. I was physically addicted. I tried to get out of that dark place for years and years and years. I realized that no human power was going to be able to get me out of that. Not my wife, not my family. So I actually turned to God for that. And I had a tough time with that for a long time. My wife has always been a woman of faith.

I was born and raised, believing in God. I mean, it was just taught from day one. My parents went to church, we went to church, Sunday school, everything. Then I met Rob. And he was, I felt like, God put him in my path because he made me feel like a husband should make you feel. Leaving just one an option. I just had to keep praying.

Towards the end my addiction got pretty bad. I went to a 12-step program. And even through that, I couldn't grasp that. One day, she and I were standing in our bedroom, and she grabbed me face to face, hand in hand, and she said to me, "For once in your life, would you let God take care of us." That was the turning point for me.

Last Saturday, I celebrated three years sober. I couldn't put two days together at one time. Our marriage is much stronger. Through that program, that led me to Bear Creek Church. Everybody's different. Like she said, a lot of people that are stuck in that dark place have a real hard time reaching out to God. But it's nothing hard. It's just something, like I said, you got to push the door willingness open a little bit.

So no matter how dark it is, no matter where you're at... God can change your life.


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