"Pray Radical: Search Me in 3 Ways" Pastor David Welch

August 15, 2021

Pastor David's sermon series, Pray Radical: If You Have the Courage, is about realizing that there is a level of spiritual numbness in us that is difficult to recognize. So we must become sensitive to the things of God and His presence in us. In this second message, the focus is again on the first of four prayers that can have a radical effect in your life.

You must learn to exercise the courage to pray this into your life every day: “Search me, O God.”

Search Me in 3 Ways:

  1. Try me

  2. See me

  3. Lead me

Healing the "Hurtful Way" in Me:

  1. Declare the truth over it

  2. Confess the “hurtful ways” that you know

  3. Using faith, commit to abandon it

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