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Reaching A Generation Endangered, Guest Speaker Ryan Fontenot

February 21, 2021

We saw an amazing weekend emerge after such a devastating week! We gave out thousands of dollars in gift cards to those requesting food recovery assistance. God moved in the lives of over 150 students, staff, and volunteers during our Disciple Now (DNOW) ministry event culminating in 7 baptism celebrations and a powerful message today from Guest Speaker Ryan Fontenot. Pastor Ryan reminded us how important it is that we ALL be a part of the mission to reach out to Generation Z - our youth of today - to create Godly leaders of tomorrow. If we want to Reach A Generation Endangered: 1. We must invest in them 2. We must invite them 3. We must introduce them 4. We must include them 5. We must inspire them 6. We must intercede for them

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